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About Andrew Sturtz + Alex Gusler

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About the Band

Andrew Sturtz

Andrew Sturtz, in all his glory.

Alex Gusler

Alex Gusler, in the flesh!

With his mix of jazz, acoustic, and pop, Andrew Sturtz can be heard expressing his one-of-a-kind style all over Michigan. Andrew has played venues such as Short’s Brewery, Horizon Books, The Opera House, Traverse City State Theater, and The Strutt, also opening for many artists and even movies at the nationally known Traverse City Film Festival. Andrew has received immense praise for his soothing vocals and powerful stage presence, both of which he brings to every performance.

Joining him as of recent is the very talented Alex Gusler. Playing in such groups as The Saving Sara Project and other local ensembles, Alex has impressed many with his complex drumming style and strong technical ability. Having been together for over a year, Andrew and Alex continue to perform their music to crowds either small or prodigious for the enjoyment of all. Yet to release any collaborative material, the two are working on a new album to hopefully be released sometime in 2010.